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Mug Cover

Tired of bugs and leaves making a beeline for your cup when you set it down?
Don't want to put your cup down because the bees will view it as a landing pad?
Having a problem remembering which cup is yours?
A fabric mug cover may be just what you need.

How to Make a Fabric Mug Cover

Materials You Will Need

The reason to avoid plastic beads is that they are so light that with a breeze, your mug cover will fly off.

Construction Instructions

  1. Prewash the fabric. Dry it. In fact, prewash it on hot and then dry it for an extra long time to reduce future shrinkage.
  2. Cut the fabric into a circle. The circle will need to be at least 1" bigger after hemming on all sides over the cup/mug it is covering.
  3. Hem the fabric circle.
  4. Divide the circle into 6 or 8 then mark those points along the exterior.
  5. Divide the beads into groups of six.
  6. Sew the string of beads at each of the 6 or eight points.


Besides the basic mug cover, what can you do to enhance it?
Whatever you do, make sure it is washable.

Another consideration is how to keep it handy while you are drinking from the mug. Here is a solution - a Roman Fibula Pin. Think of it as a historical safety pin but can be decorated. Use the pin to go under the beverage handle as shown here.